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It’s the 21st century and the human civilization has never been so advanced. The achievements in science and technology have provided us with better-quality lifestyles, which is something that has a direct impact on our health. In fact, just a century ago, the average life expectancy was much shorter than today.

Not only do we have medications at our disposal, which can cure diseases that were lethal in the past, but Juicing Kitchen also have gadgets that help us get the most out of the food we eat. Fridges help us keep the food fresh, water filters provide us with fresh water, stoves and ovens help us prepare tasty meals, while blenders allow us to use up all the vitamins and minerals from the fruit.

Speaking of the blenders, these household appliances have been around for decades, as people have always liked drinking fruit juices. In the past, people had to use manual juicers and blenders, but the modern-day technology allows everyone just to sit back and let a machine do the work.

Manual vs. Electric Juicers

Obviously, the main difference between manual and electric juicers is the price. Being rather simple, manual blenders are very cheap. But, they do not provide you with the same features as electric juicers. On top of that, with manual blenders you will need to do some elbow grease.

Juicing KitchenElectric blenders are fast and practical, not to mention that they waste much less fruit that the old-fashioned juicers. In fact, because the rotating speed is much higher with the electric versions of the juicers, this means that it will provide you with as much juice as possible. That wouldn’t be possible with manual blenders, which are not capable of turning the whole fruit into a beverage, regardless of how hard you tried.

Another advantage of modern-day electric juicers over the traditional ones is the fact that they provide you with many different automated options. What this means is that you can make a beverage exactly according to your taste. If you don’t like to have pulp in your glass of juice, all you got to do is press a button.

Furthermore, some electrical juicers come with different speed settings. So, if you want to get your drink straight away, switch it to the maximum. However, if you don’t want to risk that oxidations might happen, which could have a bad effect on the nutritive value of the beverage, you can switch it to the lowest speed.

If you are worried that the low-speed mode will not result in a very good juice, you are being wrong. The blender will have no problems dealing even with the hardest fruits, as long as it has a powerful motor. The good news is that many do. Actually, there’s a whole class of juicers called masticating juicers.

Masticating vs. Centrifugal Juicers

Masticating JuicerThe word “masticate” means “to chew”, which is something that gives a good suggestion on how these blenders operate. They usually have powerful motors which will allow the blades to slowly push through the bits of fruit or vegetables.

As opposite to the masticating juicers stand centrifugal, which use a high rotating speed of the blades. The fruit/vegetable bits are quickly transformed into pulp, which then turns to the juice you will be able to drink. Actually, most juicers used in homes all over the world today are centrifugal juicers. The reasons why they’re so popular are numerous, starting from the fact that they work fast, that it, turn fruit and vegetables into juice in a matter of seconds.

Another reason why high-speed centrifugal juicers are loved by people from all over the globe is the fact that they are cheap. In fact, you can find relatively good electric blenders for as low as 20 or 30 dollars. With this in mind, you’re probably wondering why not everyone is using them. Well, some people prefer using masticating juicers for health reasons.

Centrifugal JuicerAlthough masticating juicers are usually more expensive than their centrifugal counterparts, these juicers are very popular among health-conscious people. That reason is that these juicers conserve all the vitamins and minerals. It is because they spin the blade slowly, which does not cause oxidation that is a process that can harm the nutritive value of the juice.

Another advantage of the masticating juicers is that they can be used for making beverages of such foods as wheatgrass. In the last couple of years, this type of beverage has become very popular, due to the fact that its nutritive value is superb. Actually, wheatgrass juice contains all the nutrients your body and brain require to function well. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make this kind of juice with a centrifugal juicer.

The answer to why this is the case lies in the name – centrifugal. You might remember from your school days what the centrifugal force is, but if not, Juicing Kitchen will remind you. By definition, this force is directed away from the center around which the blade is spinning.

What this means is that the force will push the foods towards the side of the bowl, unless the blades chop it before. The thing is that the blade will chop only those foods that are liquid enough, so if you try to make juice out of wheatgrass, you will see that it will end up stuck to the side of the bowl.

The downside of buying a masticating juicer is that you would need to spend quite a lot of money. Masticating juicers are not cheap, so unless you plan to drink wheatgrass juice on a daily basis, this might not be the perfect solution for you. The good news is that there’s a middle ground. You can find a juicer with plenty of power, but also with adjustable speed. Such juicer would be able to handle making wheatgrass juice with low-speed settings and fruit juice, when switched to the highest speed.


Bella Personal Extraction Blender
8.66 x 12.01 x 8.39 in
4 lbs
4 Star Rating
Cuisinart CBT-1000
8.4 x 10.4 x 14.6 inches
2 lbs
3.6 Star Rating
Ninja Professional Blender
Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)
8.19 x 10.63 x 15.75 in
9.51 lbs
4.5 Star Rating

Which Features Make a Good Blender?

As we have already mentioned above, the best juicer is the one that provides you with a myriad of different choices. You can say that the perfect blender is the one that allows you to make juice of anything that comes to your mind. This means not only that it has to have a relatively powerful motor, but also smart controls that would enable you to choose from different speed settings.

Juicing KitchenAs you surely don’t want to guess which speed is perfect for a specific purpose, you want the juicer to come with different programs available. For example, the best juicer would have a button for crushing ice. In addition, it would be great if you could choose the level of pulp in your drinks. Finally, a program for delayed blending would certainly come in handy.

The blender also needs to come with a variety of different options when it comes to the blades. As different blades are used for different purposes, you want to be able to change them quickly and easily, which is another important point. Actually, the ease of handling is what’s extremely important, although not many people even think about it when choosing the blender. The thing they seem to care the most is the price.

Of course, the price is an important factor, but it must not be the only one. If you focus on nothing but the price of the product, you risk ending up with a blender that lacks certain features. Unfortunately, the chances for making a bad choice are pretty high if you make the price the decisive factor. The good news, though, is that if you look hard enough for them, you will be able to find quality blenders at affordable prices. If this sounds compelling to you, keep on reading as we’re going to teach you how to find a superb juicer for less than one hundred dollars.

Tips on How to Find a Quality Juicer for Under 100 Dollars

Although a famous brand name can suggest higher quality, you certainly should not dismiss blenders manufactured by less-known companies. The modern-day market is very competitive, meaning that every manufacturer is going to give their best in order to catch up with the competition. This is why we suggest looking more at the specs of the products than its brand tag.

WarrantyThe first thing to do is to check whether the blender comes with a warranty. If it does, it’s a sure sign that the manufacturer has a trust in their products. The experience has shown that the products that come along with a warrantee actually break less often, something which is great both for the users and the manufacturer.

If the blender that you’re considering buying comes with a warranty, it’s a good sign that it’s built to last. But, what about its performances? The warranty does not cover that, so you need to make sure it has what it takes to make good beverages. We suggest checking the power of the motor, as if it’s too weak, the blender won’t be able to deal with sturdier foods, like beets or carrots. So, make sure your blender has the power of at least 500 Watts.

Now it’s time to take a look at is the material of which the blender is made. It’s not just about the durability, but also about health. Almost all blenders are made of plastic, but you need to make sure the material doesn’t contain BPA, a compound possibly dangerous for the human health.

Juicing KitchenFinally, you also need to see what kind of options this blender provides for you. Of course, this all depends on your needs, but in general, people like to have a blender that can make juice from all sorts of fruits, but which can also chop vegetables and even crush ice. The rule is simple – the more uses the juicer has, the better!

If you manage to find a blender that fits the description, we advise you to get it right away. Of course, only if its price is reasonable. By reasonable, we mean that it doesn’t cost more than a hundred dollars. Unfortunately, finding such blender is not going to be easy, so you might need our help. Bellow you will find our choice for the best 5 blenders on the market, in the price range of up to 100 US dollars.

Five Picks for the Best Blender Under 100

Our website is all about helping people find household appliances that will make their lives easier. That is why we did a thorough research in order to find the best 5 blenders in the world, which do not cost more than 100 dollars. Each of these products is great in its own way, but depending on your wishes and needs, you will have to choose the best one for yourself. So don’t waste any more time – start reading our blenders’ reviews to find your ideal match!

1. Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender

Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart BlenderNot only is this blender manufactured by a famous brand, it’s also full of useful features. On top of that, the electric blender has a powerful motor, as well as very-durable parts, meaning that it will serve you well for years, something which is backed with a 3-year warranty period. The final reason why you should consider buying it is the fact that its price is quite affordable. All of this makes is one of the best blenders for under 100 dollars, but if you’re still not convinced that is the case, make sure to read more about its features.

Features of Hamilton Beach 56221:

Because it comes with several different blades, you can use this blender for several different purposes – smoothie making, ice crushing, chopping vegetables, etc. In fact, all of these options are available with the one-touch functionality. All you need to do is press a button – HIGH, MED, LOW,ICE CRUSH,SMOOTHIE, or PULSE, and the blender will do the job accordingly.

The blender comes equipped with a motor of 700 Watts, which seems more than enough for handling most of the culinary jobs. On top of that, the device is not only great when it comes to chopping and juicing, but also when the time for cleaning comes. You won’t have any problems to remove the bits of fruit and vegetables for two reasons. The first one is that the device doesn’t leave much waste behind; while the other is that its parts are dish-washing machine compatible.

  • Suitable for all kinds of blending jobs
  • Comes with a variety of automated functions
  • Easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty
  • A bit loud


This blender seems as a sort of household appliance everyone should have in their kitchen. It can be used for all kinds of things, from making smoothies to chopping foods for salad. The best thing is that it’s almost completely automatic, as all you need to do to set it going is press a button. With so many great features, you would think that this blender is expensive. However, Hamilton Beach 56221 is one of the cheapest products on the market.

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2. Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower Blender

Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower BlenderThe main reason why this blender deserves its place on our list of the best blenders for under 100 dollars is the fact that it’s really a heavy-duty device. First of all, it’s base is made of stainless steel, a material that’s tough and durable. The steel structure is there to provide support for the powerful motor, which has 1.3 Horsepower (1,000 Watts).

On top of that, the blender is very affordable, not to mention that it’s manufactured by a reliable company. If you are still not convinced that Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge is a superb choice, wait to learn more about its features.


Features of Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge:

The blender jar is made of BPA-free plastic that is tough and long-lasting. The jar is also fairly large, with the capacity of 64-Ounce. What this means is that you will be able to make a big amount of your favorite smoothie in one take. Speaking of smoothies, this blender comes with a recipe book for making 100 different highly nutritive beverages.

But, this blender is not just about smoothie-making. In fact, you can use it for all kinds of things by simply pressing a button. The blender has several different automatic programs, including Ice Crush, Smoothie and Pulse.

  • Made of superb, long-lasting materials
  • Features a powerful motor
  • Can be used for a variety of blending jobs
  • Comes with 100 smoothie recipes by Julie Morris
  • Loud when in use


Although this blender was designed primarily for smoothie making, you can use it for other things, as well. In fact, it features a very powerful motor that can deal easily with almost any task.

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3. Waring Pro PBB225 Food and Beverage Maker

Waring Pro PBB225 Food and Beverage MakerThe first thing you will notice about this blender is that it looks very nice. It’s classic “waterfall” base would look nice wherever you put it. On top of that, Waring Pro PBB225 comes in different colors, so you can choose one that matches your taste the best – metallic red, chili red, white, or ebony.

But, it’s not just about the looks when it comes to this blender. Actually,the best thing about it is the fact that it can chop almost anything. It’s because it comes equipped with a good-quality motor and razor-sharp blades. What this means is that you can use it to make smoothies, but also to chop food, make fruit juices and crush ice.

Features of Waring Pro PBB225

The blender jar is made of glass in the shape of cloverleaf carafe, with the capacity of 40 ounces. The fact that it’s made of glass means that you can wash it in the dishwasher. The heavy duty base is there to house the 500-Watts motor that has enough power to handle most of the common blending tasks. So, this blender will have no problems to crush ice, make juice of certain fruits, or chop vegetables for salad.

  • Made of durable materials
  • Dishwasher-compatible
  • Can be used for different tasks
  • The 500-Watt motor might not be able to handle tougher foods


If you are looking for a cheap smoothie maker, look no further than Waring Pro PBB225. It’s fast and reliable, not to mention that is looks very nice. Still, because its motor is not the most powerful, you won’t be able to use it to blend things like wheatgrass.

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4. BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P Fusion Blade Digital Blender

BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P FusionBlade Digital BlenderThe good things about this blender are so numerous that it would be easier to list only the things that are not good. But, we can’t find anything bad about BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P. First of all, it’s made by a reliable company, which gives 2-year limited warranty on this product. Furthermore, it comes with a powerful motor, as well as super-sharp blades, meaning that it can carry out virtually any blending operation.

Features of BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P:

The blender comes with a 48-ounce PerfectPour jar that is made of glass. This fact means that you can wash it in the dishwasher. The same goes for the blade, which is made of stainless steel and can easily chop any kind of food. Furthermore, the 700-Watts motor will provide enough power to deal with all kinds of different tasks.

As different blending tasks require different speeds, this blender allows you to choose from four different settings. So, if you want to make fruit juice, switch the settings to the maximum speed. If, on the other hand, you want to chop vegetables or even wheatgrass, make sure to press the low-speed button.

  • Comes with a large glass jar
  • Super-sharp blade is made of stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Offers different speed settings
  • The glass blender jar might break if you’re not careful


People seem to love this product and we fully understand why. BLACK+DECKER BL1820SG-P is a blender that has all the good features, while almost no bad ones. If you treat it right, this product is bound to serve you well for a long time.

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5. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Pro 1200 BlenderThis blender has a solid base with the brushed nickel color, which makes it look rather nice. Apart from looking nice, the blender is also very sturdy and durable. In fact, you can be sure that it won’t break easily, something which is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, Oster gives a decade-long warranty for the metal bits.

The fact that it’s durable is just one of many great things about this product. It’s also superb in chopping all kinds of foods, which is enabled by the powerful motor and sharp blades. On top of that, the blender comes with many automatic features that make every blending job easy and fun.

Features of Oster Pro 1200:

The blades of this blender are very large (3.5”), which enables easy grinding even if you’ve put a bigger amount of fruit or vegetables in the jar. Speaking of the jar, it’s made of Boroclass glass, which is one of the best materials for this purpose as it’s resistant to high heat. On top of that, this type of glass is dishwasher-safe and the same is the case with the stainless steel blades.

One of the best things about this blender is that it has a very powerful motor. In fact, it’s capable of producing 1,200 Watts. Of course, not every blending task requires so much power, which is the reason why this blender comes with several different settings. With a press of a button, you can choose an automatic function, whether it’s making milkshakes, food chopping, etc.

  • Superb warranty
  • Tough and durable materials
  • Powerful motor
  • Different automated functions
  • The lid might start leaking after a while


Oster Pro 1200 is the most powerful blender on our list, so if that’s what you need, this one should be your choice. You can use it for all kinds of different tasks, from making smoothies to chopping food for salads. It’s also very durable, so once you buy it, you won’t need to get another one for years. In fact, this product was built to last, which is the reason why Oster gives such an impressive warranty.

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Final Note:

An important thing we need to point out is that if you decide to buy one of these blenders you won’t make a wrong choice. In fact, whichever blender you get you are guaranteed to be satisfied, as these devices will provide you with tasty and super-healthy beverages.