Best Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Blenders

A blender is one of those appliances that every kitchen needs. Whether you are a person who likes to make milkshakes, smoothies, or alcoholic beverages, this is the kind of device that makes life a whole lot easier for you. Having the best heavy duty blender can really help you get through your recipes quick. It truly is a must have kitchen gadget!The amazing thing about blenders is that they have truly become a lot more sophisticated than one could imagine. This is no longer just a simple device used to crush ice and mixed together milk and ice cream. Now, blenders allow you to perform a wide variety of tasks – from helping you to knead dough, to mixing all kinds of shakes and smoothies.

In fact, a heavy duty blender will help you achieve all of your culinary dreams. Of course, only if you choose the right one. If you are a person who is looking for a fantastic blender option to use in your kitchen, then here are five you want to take a serious look at.

1. Cuisinart PowerEdge CBT-1000

Cuisinart has long established themselves as one of the leading companies in terms of creating fantastic kitchen appliances. This great blender is a fantastic option for you. This is a truly high-performance machine that doesn’t come with a big price. Actually, it’s one of the blenders for which you can say it’s real value for money.





Features of the Cuisinart PowerEdge CBT-1000:

The great things about this blender start with the fact that this comes with a series of pre-programmed programs. That will help you with the most common tasks so that you don’t have to monitor your blender all the time. This allows you not only to create such things as smoothies, but also to press a button to crush ice.You also have the ability to use polls, high, and low settings.

This is a smart device, which comes with a sensor that lets you know if the blender is beginning to overheat. Included is an LED display that makes reading and control of the blender very easy. This is also one of the quietest blenders that you will come across. Many other blenders make a very loud noise while grinding, but you will find that this provides a relatively quiet experience. This means that you can mix your smoothie or other concoction early in the morning without waking up the whole house. Truly a fantastic option for those who are looking for a high-end blender that is under $100.

You should also be aware that the jar comes BPA-free for those who are concerned about this compound that can be dangerous for the human health.


  • 3 HP motor gives you a great deal of power.
  • Sharp looking design would look good in any household.
  • Provides you with an assortment of pre-programmed settings as well as allowing you complete control over the blender.


  • The pulse button on this blender has limited functionality.


If you are looking for a blender that provides you with a great deal of power, functionality, and has a great look, then this Cuisinart option is exactly what you are looking for. For those who are concerned about the price, be aware that hundred dollars is really not a big price to pay for a quality product like this.

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2. Oster Versa Performance Blender

Oster is another name that consumers trust when it comes to quality kitchen appliances. This Oster blender offers you a very sleek design and easy to use controls. It is not the most sophisticated looking machine, but works well and has the right kind of power. It’s truly a superb heavy duty blender which can get through whatever you throw at it!




Features of the Oster Versa Performance Blender:

This blender comes with an 8 cup clear plastic jar, that is slender and designed so that you get a really sharp-looking blender. In addition, the clear plastic ensures that you can visually inspect the mixture while it is blending so that you can ensure that everything is working as it should.

One thing that really stands out with this blender is its performance. This appliance is able to crush coffee beans, purée soups, and create the thickest of milkshakes in virtually no time at all, letting you know that you have a powerful blender that isn’t going to get clogged and bog down often.

This blender also comes with a food processor bowl and blade, as well as two 20-oz sports bottles. There’s also a booklet of a whole lot of recipe options that you can create. You will also love the fact that this blender gives you the ability to do a lot more than simply make milkshakes and smoothies.


  • Powerful blender that can crush just about any ingredients you would add, superb heavy duty blender!
  • Sleek-looking design makes blending easy to monitor.
  • Accessories give you greater functionality with this appliance.


  • This comes with a dial control that can be difficult to clean when spills occur.


Many people want a blender that provides them with a greater amount of functionality. If you are among those who want to have an appliance that can perform more than just one task, this is exactly the kind of blender you should get. This Oster model does so many things for you, helping you to be able to create fantastic juices and smoothies, while also giving you the functionality of a quality food processor.

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3. Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender

Wolf might not be a name that people are familiar with, but with products like this blender that won’t be the case for much longer. This is a great blender that has a sharp design and a lot of power. That makes it the perfect choice for consumers who want a blender that provides them with with a lot of options and a nice look.




Features of the Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender:

This is a very professional looking blender. The amazing things about it start with an LCD timer that allows you to set how long you want the blender to run. In addition, the red knob, a characteristic of the Wolf appliances gives you a sharp look and an easy to use control table means that you will be able to control your blender easily.

There are many already pre-programmed settings that you can simply apply and let the blender do the rest for you. It is also a very powerful blender, which allows you to do such things as grind coffee beans or even purée soup. These are just some of the things for which you will love this blender. This is a fantastic blender that gives you a great deal of functionality.


  • Powerful blender that can perform a wide variety of tasks.
  • Sharp design that will look great in any kitchen and made of stainless steel!
  • This blender is very easy to use and comes with an assortment of pre-programmed settings.


  • There’s a lot to like about this blender, but $620 is going to scare off a lot of people.


For those who are looking for a heavy duty blender that gives a really sharp look with a lot of power in its motor, then they are going to like this product. This is a very durable blender that will last you a long period of time. It is simply a matter of whether you are willing to pay the price for this kind of look and power.

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4. Bella 700W Personal Extraction Blender

If a very sophisticated blender that gives you a great deal of functionality is what you are looking for, then the Bella is exactly what you need. This comes with several accessories and can handle virtually any kind of blending related task that you are looking for. Truly an exceptional choice for any home kitchen.




Features of the Bella 700W Personal Extraction Blender:

The features of this blender start with the fact that it comes with a variety of accessories to assist you in creating your mixtures. You not only get two 24-oz tumblers and a 12-oz tumbler, but there is also a lip ring for when you are drinking directly from one of the tumblers. There’s also a set of two drinking straws and two travel lids. This allows you to make your juices and head right out the door.

Included in the package is a grinding blade which handles foods that are a little more difficult to chop and blend. This is a great blender for those who are looking for the availability to create single drink or drinks for two people. You will like how easy it is to clean up and how easy it is to use. Despite the fact that having so many pieces that come with it, it doesn’t take long to figure out how to use this device to its fullest. I also comes with a recipe book to make your enjoyment even greater.


  • Additional accessories make this a great device to use in many circumstances.
  • The perfect blender for those who want a quick drink before heading out the door.
  • Fantastic design and easy to use.


  • This is not the most powerful of blenders, and has some difficulty in making completely blended smoothies.


For those who are looking for a blender that handles heavy workloads, this may not be the option for you. However, if you are a person who wants to make a smoothie or milkshake a couple of times a day, then you will truly like the advantages of this blender. It truly is a winner.

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5. Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender

Sometimes you want to be able to create a single milkshake or smoothie, or have the capability to produce three or four in one shot. This is how this Kenmore option really helps you, by giving you a special blender jar for the making of one drink or you can use the 64 ounce product for creating larger blends.




Features of Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender:

This Kenmore model starts with a 1.3 hp motor, that gives you a lot of power for producing such things as smoothies, alcoholic beverages, milkshakes, and even soups. If you are having a festive party day, you can use to 64 ounce cup to be able to create a large picture of drinks. Alternatively, you can make a single drink by using the individual container that comes with the blender.

This blender comes with a great digital display and a series of buttons that come with preprogrammed options for making your mixtures. It is a very sharp design and a durable blender that can handle a heavy workload.


  • Gives the option of producing one drink or a 64 ounce picture.
  • Very durable machine that can handle heavy workload.
  • Easy to take apart and clean.


  • The blending speeds are a little confusing at first.


For those who want the ability to be able to create large amounts or a single of any blend they are looking to drink, this is a great machine for you. The perfect option for a person who lives alone and likes to have friends and family over often.

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Best Stainless Steel Heavy Duty BlenderA blender is an important appliance to have in your home. With any one of these five options you will be very pleased with the results you receive. While all of them provide a powerful option that can do the job of making great smoothies and milkshakes, it is really the Oster model that stands out above the others. All of them are exceptional in their own way, but this model provides functionality and power to go along with an easy to use device that you will really like.