Best Quiet Blenders

Blenders have come a long way since they were first invented. When they first came out, they were loud, heavy, and took up a lot of space. But now, in the year 2017, with the way technology has progressed, there’s no need for that anymore. Technology in 2017 has not only increased the efficiency of our applications, but they are also more compact and can be quieter.

When was the last time you were in the kitchen at 8 AM in the morning about to make breakfast? Chances are, if you turned on a blender, you might have alerted everyone in the house. Do yourself a favor and don’t be that annoying and rude person that makes a tornado of noise in the morning. Everyone is still sleeping! But there is a solution, and that solution is quiet blenders.

We have done our research and we’ve compiled the market’s best top 5 quiet blenders that would be an incredible addition to any home or kitchen. We ranked our quiet blenders based on a number of factors. If you’re in the market to shut down that noise but also make an amazing breakfast in the morning, or even a smoothie at night, then look no further. Let’s take a look at our first few candidates.

1. Blendtec Pro 800

Our staff’s top choice, the Blendtec Pro 800 is a must buy. Not only does this beauty does its job, but it has a variety of features and gadgets that its competitors do not have. This blender is considered the world’s quietest blender. Did you get that? It’s the world’s quietest blender. That means when you’re making breakfast in the morning with your blender, no one would hear you. You’d get to enjoy the product without disturbing your house.

Features Of The Blendtec Pro 800:

1) Extremely Quiet Blender: This is considered the world’s quietest blender. The blender operates at a sound level that not even anyone can hear it within a mile away! Using advanced and innovative technology, you’ll be able to blend your food into a smoothie at a tenth of the noise output. This just shows that not all blenders have to be as noisy as you make them. This makes it the best and optimal quiet blender to choose!

2) Illuminated Touch Interface: The touchscreen interface on this blender makes it easy for you to adjust its settings and modes without the fret of buttons. With technology nowadays, buttons are absolutely obsolete. The illuminated touch interface gives the blender a modern, sleek, and simplistic style to its beautiful hardware.

3) 6 Programmable Cycles: Like many other blenders, the Blendtec Pro 800 has a variety of blend cycles. This includes mixed drinks, smoothies, frozen treats, whole juice, hot soup, and batters.

4) 11 Speed touch Cycles: What blender out in the market can become #1 without having multiple speed cycles? The Blendtec Pro 800 features 11 types of different speeds with an easy to use touch slider. You can adjust the consistency of your food by simply adjusting the speed settings to get the consistency you desire. Don’t forget the pulse button! It’ll certainly add a thrust of agility to its blending power all while minimizing the noise output it gives off in the area!


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Has multiple touch interfaced programmable cycles.
  • Has 10+ speed touch cycles.


  • This blender might be a little more expensive than others.

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2. Hamilton Beach HBH850 Summit Blender

Our next choice in this list is the Hamilton Beach HBH850. We selected this blender to be in our top 5 simply because it’s the next best thing after the Blendtec Pro 800. It gets the job done at a perfectly reasonable price!


Features Of The Hamilton Beach HBH850 Summit Blender:

1) Auto Blend: The auto blend features stops when the foods you’re blending reaches an outstanding consistency. This is one of the features that is rare in other blenders but is included in the Hamilton Beach HBH850.

2) Wave-Action System: The wave-action system is a patented feature that was just introduced into the market not too long ago. Hamilton is the first one to implement this feature in its products. What this feature does is that it continuously forces the mixture down into the blades. This ensures a clump-free smoothie.

3) Quiet Shield: While every blender has its own technology on how to contain the noise, Hamilton Beach HBH850 has its own quiet shield. This reduces the blender noise significantly while you can make those smoothies you love. Making it a perfectly good quiet blender!

4) Dual Fans: The dual fans will keep the motor cool. One of the many things that a lot of other blenders don’t have are methods to keep their engines cool. You get this with Hamilton Beach HBH850.

5) Hundreds Of Programmed Cycles: This feature gives you more flexibility in how you want to control the consistency of your drinks. While other standard blenders only have a few modes, you can have over hundreds of blending cycles in the Hamilton Beach HBH850.


  • It is an extremely quiet blender.
  • Can blend things for you automatically.
  • Has a temperature control system in place to prevent the motor from overheating.


  • Similar to other higher quality blenders, the price is a con.

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3. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Our third choice is more for the consumers that are budget sensitive. The good thing about the Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender is that it is much more affordable for the average person than the previous 2 blenders. If money is an issue then this is certainly a better investment.




Features Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender:

1) Incredibly Quiet: You don’t always have to shell out a few hundred dollars to get the best quiet blender in the market. The Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender will do the job of an extremely expensive blender on an average budget. It is significantly quieter than its leading competitors without the sadness of an empty wallet.

2) Powerful 1.6 HP Motor: Its motor is incredibly strong! This motor has the same strength as its industrial counterparts and can easily demolish hard foods such as ice cubes or tough fruits and vegetables. What’s the use of a blender if you foods wear out its blades? The Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender will not do that at all because its blades are incredibly powerful and are made from the finest steel in the industry.

3) Includes Dishwasher Safe 32 oz. and 20 oz. Jars: Not all blenders will come with dishwasher safe jars. When you purchase this, the packaging already includes a 32 and 20 oz. jar that’s dishwasher safe! That’s less hassle for you and more time to blend things.


  • Incredibly high quality materials that are professional-grade.
  • Powerful motor that can destroy anything into a smoothie.
  • Has little to no noise when using it in the kitchen.


  • Might be a little cheaper in quality compared to its other blenders in place. But a superb quiet blender!

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4. Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Blender

Next up on our list is the Breville 800BLXL. We chose this as one of our other top picks simply because it is the second blender on our list that’s absolutely perfect for the budget conscious consumer. If you want a second choice to the Jamba Appliances, then this blender will do the job just as well.






Features Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Blender:

1) 1,000 Watts: Holy smokes, 1,000 watts is a lot of power. With this much power, you can pretty much pulverize any food into an incredibly smooth smoothie that’s just perfect for the evening

2) Extra-wide Stainless Steel Blades: This blender features larger stainless steel blades to help prevent food from becoming trapped at the bottom. No more annoying clean ups at the end of the night that might otherwise cut your fingers. The extra-wide blades make it easier to clean as well as safer. Save yourself a finger!

3) Stainless-Steel Polymer Motor: This stainless-steel polymer motor that’s featured in this blender reduces the friction when blending foods and therefore creates a quieter blending experience.

4) Dishwasher Safe 67 oz. Jar: This blender features a larger-than-normal-capacity jar that allows you to blend more with its blades. While its competitors provide a smaller jar, the Breville 800BLXL gives you a larger jar so you can blend more, without the mess.


  • Larger than normal stainless steel blades.
  • Very powerful motor that can pulverize many things like ice cubes, bones, meat, and nuts.
  • Dish-washer safe jar that reduces the hassle and complications of cleanup.


  • It is not a self-cleaning blender like its competitors or similar blenders under the same name brand.

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5. Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series

Last up on our list is the Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series. We chose this one because it combined the professional performance of a Vitamix blender with the budget of a money-conscious customer. Let’s dive into the features.




Features Of The Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series:

1) Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Blades: The laser-cut stainless steel blades are designed for precision and professionalism right in the comfort of your own home.

2) 2+ Peak HP Motor: The motor generates blade speeds up to 240 MPH. At these speeds, it can pulverize anything into a liquid. Be careful with your finger though!

3) 64 oz. Jar: Unlike many of its leading competitors, this blender boasts a capacity of 64 oz., which is incredibly large for the standard kitchen. But don’t worry, more space is always better.

4) 7 Year Warranty: Why make an investment into something that’s not backed by a great warranty? This Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series comes supported by a 7 year manufactures warranty. In case anything happens, you’re covered!


  • Precision and professional grade cut stainless steel blades.
  • Industry strength motor that can turn its blades at speeds up to 240 MPH.
  • Incredibly good warranty of 7 years in case anything happens to your blender after purchase.


  • The price. It is much more expensive than other blenders.

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Best Quiet BlenderWe have seen a number of excellent candidates in the market of the quietest blenders you can buy for your kitchen. Of everything that we’ve went through, our number one choice is certainly the Blendtec Pro 800. With its prestigious name brand, its quality, build, and price, it is incredibly difficult to blow this blender out the water in terms of quality and price. It is one of the best choices for anyone looking to buy a new quiet blender that won’t wake their house up in the morning. Just remember that when you’re making an investment as serious as this, consider spending a little bit more money for the better product. Cheap is not always better and in this case, if you want the best bang for your buck, you definitely want to get ready to get your wallet out, go to the store, and buy the Blendtec Pro 800 if it’s available. If it’s not available in store, it is always available online at trusted sellers such as Amazon or eBay. Don’t delay today, make your kitchen a happier and brighter place and enjoy it with a beautiful smoothie with less noise!