Best Portable Blenders

With health consciousness seemingly on the rise every single day, it should come as no surprise that people are buying more and more blenders. After all, what more do you need after a glorious workout if not your favorite smoothie or shake? It’s no coincidence then that more and more people are beginning to move beyond just buying their shakes to making them at home, at work, the gym or anywhere you can think of for that matter.

Even for those that don’t do it for health purposes, shakes, cocktails and a great fruity smoothie are really hard to say no to.

So what’s one to do if they really want to be able to make a quick smoothie on the go? Simple, all you need is your very own portable blender. The question though is what exactly is a portable blender? For others it’s any blender that comes with a single serve cup that you use at home while still being able to carry the cup with you. For others it means a blender that you can literally carry root and stem wherever you fancy.

To make things simple for everyone we’ve picked a mix of the two, so no matter how you define portable, there’s something for you here.

1. Oster MyBlend Pro Series Personal Blender

Portable blender which is light and trendy looking, this is the blender that you want to carry around with you if you’re going to work or the gym. Oster already has a pretty good reputation with its blenders and this blender proves why. The fact that it’s very affordable is just a huge bonus.





Features Of The Oster MyBlend Pro Series Personal Blender:

To ensure that you can take this beauty on the go with no worries, Oster made the container double walled to prevent condensation. In short, no matter how cold your smoothie is, you’re not going to risk getting your work/school papers, gym clothes or whatever else you may happen to have in your bag wet with condensed water. This feature also means your smoothie will stay cold far much longer than other containers will manage. In fact you can go almost the whole day with a smoothie prepared in the morning.

With a 350 watt motor (about 0.5 HP) the MyBlend Pro isn’t exactly a slouch either. It certainly has enough power to crush ice cubes, just make sure you don’t fill it up too much and start-stop blending until the ice is sufficiently crushed. With just plain fruit smoothies all you need to do is make sure there’s enough liquid in the container and you’re good to go. The blender has a built in mechanism that resets the fuse should the unit overheat.

The one-touch control is easy to use for anyone, so that shouldn’t be a problem. A bonus feature from Oster is the lid which has a clip that you can use to snap the bottle to your bag or your cup-holder with no risk of spillage.


  • Measuring just 6.9 × 6.7 × 14.9, this is a very portable blender.
  • Powerful enough to make smooth shakes and smoothies with no trouble.
  • Double walled bottle protects against condensation and keeps your drink colder by 30%.
  • Very affordable.
  • Over heat protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes 3 year protection for just less than $4.


  • Some durability issues.
  • Can only work with small sized ingredients.


As with most small sized blenders, this one lacks the power of home units but is quite formidable for a portable blender. The durability issues mentioned above are mostly from overheating, so if you use the start-stop blending method mentioned above, this unit should last you much, much longer. And at less than $30 this is indeed value for money given the many flicks and tricks it comes with.

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2. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Is a Top-something blender list ever complete without a representative from the venerable folks at Vitamix? The straight answer is Nope! The S-series from Vitamix is the smallest range they offer with the S-30 being the cheapest. That’s not to say it’s cheap though, as with every Vitamix product, this one suffers from the I’m-Quality-But-Expensive Syndrome.



Features Of The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender:

This isn’t strictly speaking portable but it’s worth mentioning because it comes with a portable 20 ounce container which technically qualifies it. As with all Vitamix blenders, this one has a powerful motor capable of pulverizing even the most stubborn of ingredients (790 watts, which equals just over 1 HP). The only downside is the much bigger ones will need to be chopped down beforehand but the same can be said for all the portable blenders on this list.

The pulse feature and variable speed controls are all very easy to use with the control being a simple dial with the setting or speed written above. It’s one of only two blenders on this list that can be said to be truly versatile. The only downside to this blender is you’re probably not going to be able to take the whole unit to work with you, at least not on a daily basis.


  • Versatile and powerful.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Pulse feature and variable speed controls.
  • Very easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.
  • 5 year warranty.


  • Not as portable as some of the other options.


If you can afford it, this is probably the best value for money blender on this list. It’s quality and the supplier has an excellent reputation. Plus the hefty 5 year warranty is the best of the lot.

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3. Kaysion Rechargeable Electric Juice Blender

As portable as they come, this rechargeable blender is worth mentioning if only for the fact that it’s USB rechargeable and the motor/base is built into a 500 ml cup. You really can’t get any more portable than that.





Features Of The Kaysion Rechargeable Electric Juice Blender:

Yes, this is indeed a blender people, it’s confirmed. The built-in 2600mah lithium battery is what makes carrying around this baby possible. The motor is however small and is only capable of making protein shakes, smoothies, cocktails and baby food. Anything frozen is a no, no unless large amounts of liquid are poured in first. All fruit has to be cut into small pieces, unless its things like strawberries, etc.

The 500 ml cup is BPA free. The lid is spill proof and has a built-in carry hook. The blades are stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about them bending or breaking if you put in small size portions. A waterproof base and waterproof silicone guard cover for the USB port mean the electronics inside are protected from the elements.

As this is USB rechargeable, it can be charged by pretty much anything USB compatible, including your cellphone. A series of hidden lights will show the battery status.


  • Extremely portable.
  • Battery powered, therefore you can use it literally anywhere.
  • No noise to complain about.
  • Pretty cheap.
  • Full charge can make about 3 cups.


  • Thorough cleaning has to be done regularly to keep the blades working.
  • No versatility to speak of.


If you’re not bothered about making anything other than your favorite smoothie or cocktail then this is the option you’ll want to go for. It’s extremely user friendly too so even the most inept person should be able to use it.

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4. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

My personal favorite and probably the most popular personal blender in the world, you’ll find this baby on virtually every list of portable blenders to buy. The fact that it’s also the cheapest on this list at $15 is a definite bonus.





Features Of The Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender:

With a motor of 175 watts (just over 0.2 HP) this isn’t the most powerful blender in the world. But for a portable blender it’ll definitely do the job, if a little slower than normal. At just 2.2 pounds it’s really light and can be carried around with no fuss. The cord even has a storage space right around the base to show how deliberate its portability is.

The 14 ounce container doubles as a travel cup because of the free travel lid it comes with. The container stores upside down on the base, which is how you use it when blending as well, simply tilt upside down and you have a cup to go.

The motor is incidentally strong enough (as are the blades) to crush ice, you just have to make sure to follow the instructions to the letter use enough liquid.


  • Extremely small and portable at just 4.8 × 4.8 × 10.3 inches.
  • Moderately powerful.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Pretty quiet.


  • Needs extra care when using it.


Because this is the cheapest on this list, it’s definitely going to be a favorite of many. Truthfully that title would be deserved even if it wasn’t the cheapest on the list. The moderately powerful motor (for a portable single serve blender) makes it a no-brainer.

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5. Nutri-Bullet 9 Piece Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender

A 9 piece set, this portable blender doesn’t exactly scream portable at first glance. But hold on, the reason it’s on this list is because both its containers are quite portable. In fact, the whole thing could be taken on the go if you so desired, so here goes.




Features Of The Nutri-Bullet 9 Piece Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender:

The Nutri-Bullet comes with a 24 ounce container and an 18 ounce one. Both are reasonably portable and shouldn’t present a problem when carrying around. The lids provided with the blender are spill proof and provide a great seal.

At 900 watts (1.2 HP) this is without a doubt the most powerful blender on this list. As suggested by the power and reasonable size of the containers, you can blend just about anything with this machine with no trouble. This portable blender effectively breaks down seeds and other fibrous ingredients, mixing the pulp into your smoothie and making a healthier drink in the process.

It also has a pulse feature as well as being able to run continuously by turning the dial clockwise to the ‘on’ position while pushing it down.


  • Very Powerful motor means versatility.
  • Portable containers.
  • Pulse feature as well as an on/off function.
  • Relatively cheap.


  • Made from plastic materials so not as durable as it could be.


The only thing real disadvantage the Nutri-bullet Pro 900 has is that it’s made from plastic materials (except for the blades of course). So it will definitely not be as durable as say the Vitamix S30. But every other model here is plastic made as well so this shouldn’t present too much of a problem. Plus the fact it’s more than 3 times cheaper than said Vitamix S30 should more than even the scale. If you’re looking for a portable blender that’s both powerful enough and durable enough to make anything ranging from the smoothest of smoothies to kneading dough for your baking needs, this is it. At $89 it’s a bargain truth be told.

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As with everything human, needs vary (in this case blending needs), if you really want something portable but with a little power to it, you’d be better of going with the Hamilton Beach Single Serve. If what you’re looking for is a blender that can double up and mash just about anything for you then the Nutri-Bullet is your best option. That’s unless you don’t mind splurging out on the bad boy from Vitamix. All in all, whatever your needs may be, one thing for sure of is we’ve got you covered with this guide.