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Ever since Ninja Blenders made its debut a few years ago, it is touted as one of the best blender brands in the market today. With no compromise for quality and always maintaining higher customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that when you walk into Target or Walmart, the shelves are usually lined up with this iconic blender. While the market and industry today remain incredibly competitive in terms of products that blend your food up, Ninja has always stayed at the top of their game.With its stainless steel blades, backed by incredibly powerful motors that just slice and dice anything up, it is no wonder that it keeps its customers coming back for more. Used by amateur chefs and body builders across the globe, Ninja Blenders are the first that comes to mind when someone asks you what a good purchase for a blender would be. While there are many competitors against Ninja for blenders, no brand name stands out the most in the minds of consumers than Ninja does.

With its reputation unrivaled by its competitors, it’s no wonder that when a consumer is looking to purchase a Ninja blender, they are lost, confused, and always filled with questions. With so many products under this household brand name, it can be incredibly daunting to pick the best blender that suits one’s needs, especially when there are so many products, features, and technicalities to account for. We will do our best to simplify this list into a top 5 that can be used by anyone out there that’s aiming to purchase a blender. There should be the best ninja blender suitable for you when you finish reading this. Whether it’s to add to an existing collection of blenders, or just someone starting out and is looking to get into the blender game, there’s a Ninja Blender for everyone.

1. Ninja Professional Blender BL610

Ninja Professional BlenderBranded as one of their highest and best selling products, the Ninja Professional Blender BL610 will not disappoint. At a price range of around $80.00, this addition is sure to please anyone in terms of price and features. This is the best ninja blender in our opinion, perfect price and quality! Let’s dive into what this blender has to offer.





Features Of The Ninja Professional Blender BL610:

1) 1,000 Watts: When you’re out in the market looking for a blender, the first characteristic that should come to mind is how much watts of power it uses. This determines the consistency of the smoothie, as well as its ability to pulverize foods into liquid form. The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 boasts 1,000 watts of power, enough to turn ice into water in an instant.

2) Total Crushing Technology: One of the many things that Ninja is known for is its ability to deliver and satisfy customers. With its incredibly crushing technology, it can blend even the hardest foods into a puree to your liking

3) Safety Feature: The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 features a safety mechanism that prevents its blades spinning unless the lid is secured. This feature is to prevent any nasty injury or anyone from harm. Imagine accidentally sticking your finger into this blender without this safety feature available. Not a very pleasant sight.


  • Contains a really strong and powerful motor.
  • It contains a unique technology called Total Crushing Technology.
  • It has an incredible safety feature that not many other blenders have.


  • The price is a little heavier than other blenders.

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2. Ninja Professional Blender Nutri Cups BL660

Next up on our list is the Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Cups BL660. Like our previous choice before, this is an updated model of the BL610, and also includes Nutri Ninja Cups. Although very similar to its older brother the BL610, it’s note-worthy to dive into why we decided this came in second place.




Features Ninja Professional Blender Nutri Cups BL660:

1) 1,100 Watts: Unlike its older brother, the newer and updated model BL660 has 1,100 watts of power. Although it doesn’t make too much of a difference, it is something to keep in mind. Whether you’re interested in purchasing the BL610 or the BL660, you can rest assure that both has enough power to do the job you’re looking to complete.

2) Total Crushing Technology: Like its older brother, this model also has Total Crushing Technology. Anything you put in this beast will certainly turn it into smoothie form.

3) XL Capacity: One distinguishing feature the BL660 has that differs itself from the BL610 is that this model has a larger volume capacity. While the older model has a smaller capacity, you can never go wrong with more room. You’ll be able to serve drinks and smoothies to the entire family in one blending session!

4) Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with To-Go Lids: One striking feature that its older model doesn’t have is the Nutri Ninja Cups. Because of its older model’s success, Ninja decided to step it up and include Ninja Cups to satisfy its customers even further.


  • Extra-large capacity cup to hold more food and a large volume smoothie.
  • Contains extra two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups that has To-Go lids in case you have kids.
  • It is one of the best quiet blenders in 2017.


  • The price is an issue since it is a little more expensive than other traditional blenders.

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3. Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482

The next blender on our list is the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482. This blender has a smaller form factor and isn’t as large as its other counter parts. However, depending on your purpose and needs, this blender might be the one you’d like to see on your kitchen counter. Let’s dive right into its features.


Features Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482:

1) BPA Free Nutri Ninja Cups: With its acclaimed success as a name brand, Ninja has started to add Nutri Ninja Cups to pretty much all their products. With the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482, this is no different. The cups are BPA free so you do not have to worry that it contains the self-harming agent BPA.

2) 2 Auto iQ Programs: The Ninja Auto iQ BL482 has 2 functionalities: The Pulse and Nutri Ninja mode.

3) Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades: Specifically designed for its small form factor, these extractor blades will breakdown whole fruits, seeds, vegetables and ice for maximum vitamin extraction. Although it may be simple to see how well it breaks down large items, it is equally important to see if it’s capable of breaking down smaller items like seeds as well. Certainly, this blender would make for one incredibly smoothie.

4) Auto-iQ Technology: The Auto-iQ Technology features programs that are timed, intelligent, and hassle free that will do all the work for you, without the complications. With technology becoming better and better every day, the auto-iQ technology is the first of its kind to push blenders into a new generation.

5) Jumbo Multi-Serve 32 oz.: The Ninja Auto iQ BL482 has a jar of 32 oz., an incredibly large size for any occasion. If capacity is of concern for you, then look no further because you certainly will not have an issue with its jumbo multi-serve 32 oz.


  • Unique Auto-iQ technology that makes it a smart blender.
  • High quality blades that will destroy any type of food you dump into it, while turning it into a beautiful smoothie.
  • It also includes BPA free Nutri Ninja cups.


  • Might be a better addition as a gift than a traditional kitchen blender for yourself.

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4. Nutri Ninja BL680A Auto-IQ Blender

Fourth on our list is the Nutri Ninja BL680A Auto-IQ. Another excellent blender, this blender is more ideal for the person that does not mind a larger blender in their kitchen. One of their more powerful models, the Nutri Ninja BL680A Auto-IQ is a little more on the pricier side at a quote of around $230.00 as seen on Amazon. However, it still does boast a number of features that its other models have.



Features Of The Nutri Ninja BL680A Auto-IQ Blender:

1) One Touch Auto-iQ Technology: For a convenient blending session, this blender features a one-touch auto-iQ technology that’s enabled for you to simply touch just once, and the rest of the work is taken care of. No more hassle and handling the complicated thought process, the one-touch technology is sure to save you time.

2) 1,500 Watts: Even boasting a stronger wattage, 1,500 is more than enough to help you turn that ice into puree. With no compromise for quality, this Ninja blender is sure to please anyone.

3) 2 HP: The motor has a horse power of 2, which equates to professional industrial performance strength. Yes, even in the comfort of your own home, you can still have a blender that has strength equal to those that are professional.

4) Extra Large 72 oz. Capacity: With its further capacity, this blender has enough room in it to pulverize smoothies for an entire town. With its strength, features, and technology, the Nutri Ninja BL680A Auto-IQ can destroy ice and turn it into snow, in seconds.


  • High quality blades that will cut anything up very easily.
  • Strong motor that allows you to blend things for long periods of time without needing to stop to cool down.
  • Uniquely patented and incredibly efficient Auto-iQ technology.


  • It is very expensive.

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5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

The last blender on our list is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770. As its name suggests, it is considerably larger in size and would fit in more spacious kitchens. However, regardless of its size, this blender is another excellent consideration that many consumers have raved about.




Features Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770:

1) 1500 Watts: Similar to the BL680A, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 also features 1500 watts of power. With this much power, you can absolutely feel confident that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 can handle all of your drink and meal-making needs.

2) 72 oz: Like the BL680A, it also has an extra-large container of 72 oz. In seconds, you can turn the ice that’s sitting in your fridge into a delicious and frozen treat.

3) 8-Cup Food Processor Bowl: The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 features a processor bowl that supplements perfect and symmetrical chopping that makes up to 2 pounds of dough in about 25 seconds.


  • Large processor bowl that allows you to mix a variety of foods to create unique smoothies.
  • BPA free materials for anyone that’s worried about this blender containing BPA harming chemicals.
  • Uniquely patented and incredibly efficient Auto-iQ technology.


  • This is not a self-cleaning blender.

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Today, we’ve talked about and went over a number of incredibly well designed blenders. Of all the blenders we mentioned above, the one we recognize and recommend the most is certainly the first blender on our list, the Ninja Professional Blender BL610. Although this blender is a little bit more on the older side, it is incredibly affordable at about $80.00 and is the best ninja blender in our opinion. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest technology and blenders. The Ninja Professional Blender BL610 will get the job done for you at a fraction of the price of its fancy and unnecessary competitors. Plus, this blender belongs to the Ninja Blender family and everyone knows and loves their line of products. You will not be disappointed for sure!

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