Best Ice Crusher Blender

magine yourself one day watching television with your friends and out of the blue, they asked you for a smoothie. Happy to comply with their request and the urge to please others, you take yourself to your kitchen where your handy blender is sitting waiting for you. But the moment you finished gathering all the ingredients for the magical smoothie that’s going to please your friends, you start to sweat and get nervous. You had just remembered that a couple of days ago when you used your blender to make yourself a smoothie, it did not turn out to be A+. In fact, it was very clumpy, the consistency was bad, and worse, it was undrinkable. Talk about a waste of ingredients!

Before you become absorbed with the events that had plagued you a few days earlier, you just remembered that your friends still want to drink an ice cold smoothie that will help them enjoy TV a little bit more. You think quick, and you suddenly come up with an ingenious solution and tell your friends that your blender has broken down and that you were looking to get a new one. They look back at you with no ill feelings and instead understand your issue. They tell you that it’s no problem, and you safely retreat back to the couch where you continue the rest of the episode on TV. You just dodged a bullet. It would have been better to serve them nothing than to serve them something that would have made them gag.

There are a multitude of blenders out in the market that are best for smoothies. With the number of blenders out there in the market, it can be frightening and daunting to seek the best blenders for ice. After all, with so many choices out in the market, which ice crusher blender was the best one for you at your price point? Not every ice crusher blender is the same, and not every purchase will make you happy. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best ice blenders to help you narrow down your decision hassle-free.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix is one of the most popular brands out there in the market next to Ninja Blenders. It has a ton of reviews from happy customers and high approval rating from ConsumerReports. It’s a great brand in the market in terms of quality and price. You will not regret investing your money into a Vitamix. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of their products at your local stores.

Features Of The Vitamix Professional Series 750:

Our number one recommendation is the Vitamix Professional Series 750. This is one of the best blenders for ice in the market in 2017. It has a number of features that’s sure to please any misinformed consumer. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 has a capacity of 8 cups, enough for you to fit a whole kitchen into its compartment if you wanted to. In addition to the large capacity in space, it also has a dial that allows you to control the blender at different speeds and yields different smoothie consistency outputs. Furthermore, what’s even better, and is considered one of its best features, is its extra long warranty of 7 years. In the event that something happens and your ice crusher blender breaks, you can take it back to the manufacturer and they’ll be happy to help you replace or fix your blender.

2. Ninja BlendMax Duo BL2013 Blender

As previously discussed in the last review, aside from Vitamix, Ninja is another reputable and popular blender brand that customers love. With an established brand and product base that spans over many years, it is no wonder that consumers keep coming back to the Ninja Brand. Unrivaled in its quality and price, any investment in a Ninja Blender is sure to not disappoint.

Features Of The Ninja BlendMax Duo BL2013 Blender:

The Ninja BlendMax Duo BL2013 is a solid ice crusher blender. It has a variety of features that include a capacity of 11 cups, 13 different speed settings, smooth touch button controls, and more. The price you pay for this blender is well worth its many features. Everything that’s built into this blender is high quality. The blades are stainless steel, and everything contained is dishwasher safe. You will not regret putting your trust into the Ninja Blender brand.

3. Living Well Montel Emulsifier MWBLND01 Blender

Not many people are familiar with the Living Well with Montel brand simply because they are relatively new to the market. Because the brand is associated with Montel Williams, it can be difficult for consumers to wrap their heads around the fact that a TV personality can make a great blender product. But rest assured that the Emulsifier MWBLND01 Blender is highly praised for its overall performance and quality.

Features Of The Living Well Montel Emulsifier MWBLND01 Blender:

The reason why this is on our top 3 list is simply because of its build and quality. With a fairly affordable price and the number of features this blender has to offer, it was rated fairly high in our books. It has a 7.5 cup capacity, 7 speed settings, and stainless steel exterior. If you’re in the market for an ice crusher blender that’s not either of the two blenders we mentioned before, then we highly recommend the Emulsifier MWBLND01 Blender. It also has a powerful motor that spits out 1200 watts of pure power. You will turn those ice cubes into a smoothie with ease.

4. Black+Decker Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-P Blender

Black+Decker is a leading household name that has a ton of excellent products in a variety of categories. The company is known for producing high quality blenders. An excellent alternative to Vitamix and Ninja, you can be sure that Black+Decker will not disappoint. The brand is usually catered towards more budget-conscious consumers but nevertheless deliver world-class quality without compromising your wallet.

Features Of The Black+Decker Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-P Blender:

The ice crusher blender has a stunning look and a very clean and solid build. Not only does this blender give off a modern and professional look, but everything that puts this blender together comes from quality stainless steel. With a 6 cup capacity, removable blades, touch button controls, and more, the Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-P easily rivals its other leading competitors in terms of quality and build. If you’re hunting for an affordable ice crusher blender, look no further because the Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-P is sure to catch your eye.


Of the ones we recommended, we highly advise you to go with the Vitamix Professional Series 750. It may be a bit expensive, but the features outweigh the price. It’s worth the investment simply because when you’re trying to make the best smoothie in the world. You’ll need to do it with a high quality ice crusher blender. Not only do you need to find a blender that crushes ice into a fine smoothie, but the blender must also be capable of grinding other difficult food items into a smoothie too.

What’s the use of a blender if it only blends ice but falls short when blending nuts, bones, meat, and even large vegetables? With the Vitamix Professional Series 750, you will not have this issue. Additionally, you get what you pay for. At a price point of a couple hundred dollars, the Vitamix Professional boasts a number of features that many of its competitors fall short of. You get the quality and strength of industrial blenders in the comfort of your own home.

The next time you have friends over that ask you for a smoothie, you can be sure that you’ll accomplish the task with a huge smile on your face. What’s even better, with an incredibly well built blender like the Vitamix Professional Series 750, your friends will be begging to come back to spend time with you just for your smoothies! Be proud of your kitchen creation and invest your money into the Vitamix Professional Series 750 today!