About Us

Here at JuicingKitchen.com, we’re all about blenders. We check them, we test them, and we give our honest recommendations. Whatever type of juicer you might be looking for, you can be sure this is the place where you will find it. Actually, this website might be the only source you will ever need if you are looking to learn all about juicers.Not only do we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each juicer, but we also teach you on how to choose the right device for the things you need. Browse our website and you will learn that best choice for making wheatgrass juice is the masticating juicer, while for making quick smoothies, you should go with a blender with a high-speed motor. These are just some of the things you will learn if you spend a bit of time at JuicingKitchen.com.

The Whole Point of Our Website

You might be wondering why we do all this. Is there any clever scheme involved? The answer is that we care about you. Actually, not just you, but the whole population that is ruining their health sipping on sugary drinks and booze! We don’t your money – all we want is that you start living healthier lives.Hopefully, if you find a good juicer on our website, you will start introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet. If “5 A Day” is a rule you don’t like obeying, a juicer will help you get the World Health Organization-recommended portion in the form of a tasty beverage.You can be sure that we won’t try to persuade you into buying an expensive blender of poor quality. Our reviews are honest and elaborate, meaning that you will read about both pros and cons of every product. We guarantee that we will mention if a blender contains potentially harmful compounds (such as BPA) or its motor breaks easily.